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*** License Moving/ReActivation process and Service policy

Thank you for using MathMagic.

To transfer your License to another computer, please note that it is
required to remove the License from the current(or previous) computer
before we deliver a new License code for your new computer.
After removing the License successfully, there should be a "License Removal
Confirmation Code" generated by MathMagic, which should be sent to us as a

Please note that the total number to move your License may be limited to a
certain number, and while your free tech support service period is valid.
Please read below for the current policy.

Or, you may purchase an Upgrade if you are not eligible for a free License
moving or if you could NOT remove your License from your old computer.
"Upgrade" typically comes with additional free License moving and
issuing a license for a new computer without a prior License Removing from
the previously Licensed computer.


Or, if you'd like to purchase one or more additional licenses, please let
us know the number of copies again.

------------------- #1 How to remove your old License, and
-------------------    How to get the "Removal Confirmation code"

Please remove the current License from the previous computer, and send
us the "License Removal Confirmation code".

Here is how to:

- Please launch MathMagic Pro application from the previous computer.
   * on Mac OS X,
     - Open 'Help' menu -> Enter Authorization code dialog.
     - press 'option' key to enable "Remove License" button.
   * on Windows,
     - press 'Alt' or 'shift' key and hold it down while you select
     'Help' menu -> "Enter Authorization code" dialog.
     - this will enable "Remove License" button.
- Click "Remove License" button and confirm.
- Send us the Confirmation code by email.

------------------- #2 Install MathMagic on your new computer

Then, install MathMagic Pro application on your new computer.
The latest version is available here, if your License allows:


If your License does not allow to install the latest version,
please use your old installer that your License allows.
We do not maintain old versions on our server if it is more than 6-month old.

------------------- #3 How to get your new computer's System ID
------------------- Register your System ID to get the License code

Then, register your new System ID from the new computer.

|  PLEASE register your "System ID" here.
|   www.mathmagic.com/register
|  Here is how to get the "System ID" that MathMagic generates.
|  - run "MathMagic Pro" application from the computer that you
|  want to use the software continuously.
|  - open Authorization dialog from Help->Enter Authorization code...
|  (if the dialog not displayed while launching MathMagic)
|  - click 'Copy' button on the right side of System ID field.
|  - paste it in the above Registration page -> System ID field.


For your info,
Here is a summary of the current policy.

   License moving and reactivation policy for MathMagic Pro Editions
     - MathMagic Pro for InDesign (Mac OS X, Windows)
     - MathMagic Pro for QuarkXPress (Mac OS X, Windows)

* Activating a New License (MathMagic Pro Edition)
   - 1 new license on a single computer per 1-user license

* Support for License moving and/or reactivation ***
   - 1 free License moving or reactivation per computer/user during the Free Tech Support Service Period* with a Prior License Removal Confirmation code
   (not available for 2-month or 6-month subscription license**)
   - Additional License moving/reactivation can be supported for $50, once a year,
during the Free Tech Support Service Period* or for a Limited period.
   - Additional License moving/reactivation may be supported for a higher service fee, if more than once a year or if no License Removal Code available. InfoLogic may request further information(such as proof of loss or damage) in this case.
   - InfoLogic may request further proof if the License moving is requested
frequently, more than the industry average.

   * MathMagic License Moving is only within the same OS platform. Windows License can not be trasnferred to macOS, and Mac License can not be trasnferred to Windows.
   ** 1 License moving available($50) to 2-month or 6-month Subscription license.
   *** Higher service fee may be applied after the Free Service Period.
   *** License Moving may not be available for very old versions (4 years or older).

   * Free Tech Support Service Period (Email & inbound call)
   - MathMagic Pro + 2-year Free upgrade: 2 years
   - MathMagic Pro with Limited free update: 1 year
   - MathMagic Pro Upgrade + 2-year Free upgrade: 2 years
   - MathMagic Pro Upgrade with Limited free update: 1 year

   - MathMagic Personal New License: 6-month
   - MathMagic Personal Upgrade : 6-month

We will do our best to minimize any inconvenience for our legitimate License
owners. We believe that some level of License management could help our
customers use better quality products over time.
Thank you for your kind understanding and supporting MathMagic.

*** HOW TO PAY (if not eligible for Free License Moving)

If you are not eligible for a free license moving, please pay the fee
by one of the following options.

*** Payment by Credit Card
  Please pay the amount (US$50 or US$100) from our Online store.
     License-Moving store
*** Payment by PayPal
   Please send the amount (US$50 or US$100) to
     support@mathmagic.com from your PayPal account.

Here is the full price table for more info.


Should you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.
MathMagic Support Team.

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