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 The [Math+Magic] Newsletter 2014.10 - MathMagic v8.91 for Mac, 7.61 for Windows, and more.
The [Math+Magic] Newsletter, 2014.10

It has been almost a year since the last Newsletter.
We would like to update you with latest news.


  • Latest versions
  • MathMagic Lite for Windows - the first FREE equation editor for Windows OS
  • MathMagic Pro and Plug-ins for InDesign CC 2014
  • New Price table drops the "2-year free upgrade" option for MM Personal
  • MathMagic Personal Edition for School, School District, Government, ...
  • Bundling, Custom Development, Source Licensing

* Latest Versions

For Mac OS X, the latest v8.91 is available for MathMagic Personal / Pro Editions.
MathMagic Lite for Mac also updated to v8.91.

For Windows, the latest v7.61 is available for MathMagic Personal / Pro Editions.
MathMagic Lite for Windows also first introduced with its first version v7.6, and updated to v7.61.

For Android OS, MathMagic Lite v1.6 is the latest.
For iOS, no update available yet.

Please visit the download page and try the latest version if your License allows.

All the latest info can be found here under each product page.

* MathMagic Lite for Windows - the first free equation editor for Windows OS

MathMagic Lite Edition is finally available to Windows users.
MathMagic Lite v7.6 was first released early September, and updated to v7.61 recently.

More info can be found here.

MathMagic Lite Editions are now available on all 4 major platforms:
   Mac OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.

Free equation editor "MathMagic Lite" has some limited features and interface, removing and disabling less frequently used features from "MathMagic Personal". However, MathMagic Lite offers the same easy and fast interface for writing Math expressions and delivers the same high quality equations.
Its feature set focuses more on frequently used features, covering up to High School Math and some higher Math level. Color is not supported but converted to Gray. Some advanced file formats, such as MathML, LaTeX, EPS, are removed from the Saving formats. But MathMagic Lite can still read all file formats and math expressions that MathMagic Personal / Pro can read.

User can always try MathMagic Personal or MathMagic Pro, if more features are needed while using MathMagic Lite.

Feature Comparison Table can be found here for the summarized comparison.

Please feel free to introduce MathMagic Lite to your friends.

* MathMagic Pro and Plug-ins for InDesign CC 2014

As Adobe released newer InDesign CC 2014 version at the end of June 2014, MathMagic CC2014 plug-ins are also included in the following versions:
   - MathMagic Pro v8.9 or newer (Mac OS X)

   - MathMagic Pro v7.6 or newer (Windows)

* New Price table drops the "2-year free upgrade" options for MM Personal

MathMagic Products used to offer a separate price option that includes "2-year free upgrade + free tech support" for almost 10 years. This 2-year free upgrade option was loved by many heavy users as they wanted to enjoy all the latest versions at no additional upgrade price during the period. And we used release newer updates/upgrades every 1 month ~ 3 months interval so many users enjoyed the 2 year free upgrade option.

Since this month, we've decided to remove this "2-year free upgrade" option from MathMagic Personal Pricing options.(both New purchase and Upgrade)
This is mainly because we learned from several independent sources that many individual users migrated their daily computing platform from traditional desktop / laptop to mobile, such as Smart phones, Tablets, and web based solutions. And this trends will continue and speed up in the next few years, as you can guess.
So, we've decided to make the Pricing options simple for MM Personal products. Your understanding would be much appreciated.

"2-year free upgrade" option for "MathMagic Pro" products will be available continuously though.

* MathMagic Personal Academic for School, School District, Government, ...

MathMagic Personal Academic License for some special sites are available at extremely reasonable price.
Special pricing for Single School($200), whole School District up to 50 schools($500), University Campus($1000), Government or Non-profit Organization($600) are available for purchase from our online store.

More info can be found at the bottom of

* Bundling, Custom Development, Source Licensing

As you already know, some global companies, such as Adobe and Samsung, bundle Custom developed version of MathMagic to their own software products and solutions.
If you are interested in bundling a customized MathMagic, or having a custom developed version of MathMagic for your own needs / workflow, or source licensing to tightly integrate it into your products, please feel free to contact us:
The best equation editor on earth is available for you for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Again, Thank you very much for using MathMagic.

* About [Math+Magic]™

MathMagic is an award-winning equation editor with powerful features and yet easy-to-use interface. MathMagic lets you write beautiful equations and symbols very easily and fast, whether you are good at Math or not.
MathMagic is designed to work with any word processors, DTP layout software, presentation, or graphic software. Equations can be used by other applications and documents by drag&drop, copy&paste, or export/import.
The superior quality and productivity of MathMagic has been accepted by many large publishers, professors, teachers, students, University presses, online contents creators, research centers, and governments in more than 100 countries around the world since its debut in 1998.

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