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January 29, 2015 InfoLogic releases MathMagic Lite 9.0 for Mac - Free Equation Editor
InfoLogic announces MathMagic Lite 9.0 for Mac, an update to their complimentary equation editor for Mac OS X. Available for free on 4 major platforms, MathMagic Lite was developed specifically to help both mobile, and desktop users write and easily share mathematical expressions and technical information more easily and quickly. Version 9.0 supports user configurable Vertical Fences, Horizontal Fences, Over and Under Bars, more Frame types, adjustable fence height and width, and more.
October 15, 2014 The [Math+Magic] Newsletter 2014.10 - MathMagic v8.91 for Mac, 7.61 for Windows, and more.
MathMagic Lite for Windows - the first FREE equation editor for Windows OS
October 9, 2014 InfoLogic releases MathMagic Lite v8.91 for Mac - no cost GUI Equation Editor
InfoLogic today releases MathMagic Lite v8.91 for Mac OS X, their complimentary equation editor for Macintosh in their suite of award-winning equation editors. MathMagic Lite offers easy User Interface to write mathematical expressions and scientific symbols.
September 10, 2014 InfoLogic releases MathMagic Lite for Windows - Free Equation Editor
December 11, 2013 InfoLogic releases MathMagic Lite for iOS - free Equation Editor App
August 6, 2013 MathMagic Personal 8.6 supports SVG and more equation templates
March 27, 2013 MathMagic Pro v8.5 for Mac includes new InDesign Plug-ins and new Math Symbol fonts
March 21, 2013 MathMagic Personal 8.5 supports various Frames, more Sigma shapes and faster LaTeX typing
November 9, 2012 MathMagic Personal v8.2 Supports Gatekeeper, WolframAlpha, Right-to-left Radican signs, and more
August 9, 2012 MathMagic Pro v8.1 for Mac Supports InDesign CS6, Pica Unit, More Fonts
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