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InfoLogic releases MathMagic Lite for Windows - Free Equation Editor (Published on 9/10/2014)

InfoLogic releases MathMagic Lite for Windows - no cost Equation Editor
  For Immediate Release:
(Published on 9/10/2014)

Vancouver, Canada - InfoLogic, Inc. today introduces MathMagic Lite for Windows, their complimentary equation editor for Windows in the suite of award-winning MathMagic equation editors. The brand selected for use by thousands of large publishers, university presses, school districts around the world over the last 16 years, MathMagic Lite offers easy User Interface to type mathematical expressions and hundreds of scientific symbols, and saves in high quality image formats. It runs on Windows XP SP2 or newer.
Since 2012, InfoLogic released MathMagic Lite Editions simultaneously for Android OS, iOS and Mac OS X platforms to help both mobile users and heavy users write and share technical information more easily and quickly. MathMagic Lite is now available for all 4 major platforms to deliver the experience across platforms.
On top of its easy interface to type math expressions and symbols via palettes and custom keyboard layout, MathMagic Lite also reads various Math formats including MathML, LaTeX, Plain TeX, Wiki equations, ASCIIMath, MathJax, and MathType, just like the paid version of MathMagic Personal and MathMagic Pro. It reads all MathMagic Personal and MathMagic Pro created files as well. MathMagic Lite for Windows can save expressions in PNG, SVG, WMF, JPG, GIF, Math-To-Speech and more. So those equations can be easily used by many other applications and documents including web contents. Math-to-Speech feature reads out math expressions aloud via Text-To-Speech or in a text based sentence so it is useful for learning how to read Math expressions and symbols as well as for special education purpose.

Feature Highhights include:

  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface to enter mathematical expressions and symbols very fast
  • Intelligent WYSIWYG editor with publishing quality typesetting
  • Read various Math file formats
  • Various Math Body Text fonts, Greek fonts and Math Symbol fonts bundled
  • Ideal for use in Science, Physics, Mathematics, and all levels of schools

MathMagic Personal Edition supports more saving formats such as MathML, LaTeX, PDF, Color SVG, and works with more applications and documents. MathMagic Pro Edition allows designers and editors to write, edit, and save equations directly in Adobe InDesign documents without going through the export/import step.

System Requirements:
* Windows XP SP2 or newer including Windows 8

Pricing and Availability:
* MathMagic Lite for Windows is FREE and available immediately

More Info about MathMagic Lite for Windows:

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Screenshot - MathMagic Lite for Windows

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, InfoLogic is a privately held company founded in 1996 by Charlie Lee. InfoLogic specializes in technical publishing solutions, high quality digital contents and Macintosh software development. Released in 1998, MathMagic is its flagship product. MathMagic is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Android and iOS.
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